May 29, 2022

Match-up exercise in Hungarian : Ruházat

 Kapcsold össze a képeket a jelentésükkel! 

It is an easy exercise for beginners. 

May 28, 2022

A word search puzzle with French body words

This puzzle is very easy to solve, it is meant for beginners. Words can go horizontally from left to right, vertically from top to bottom, and diagontally from top to bottom. Words do not cross each other.

May 27, 2022

A word search puzzle with a CLOY quote

The below puzzle hides a quote from the series Crash Landing on You (CLOY). It has extra syllables which you have to take out first to restore the quote.

Once ready, find out the meaning of the words which can be built from the extra syllables.

Let me know if you need help.

May 25, 2022

A maze with a German sentence

The below maze hides the first line of a famous book. Can you find out the title and author of the book?

May 21, 2022

Match-up exercise : Les vêtements (1)

Match the pictures with their names! It's a good excercise for beginners.

May 19, 2022

A poem in Chinese

 Who wrote this beautiful poem?

It may be too difficult without the Pinyin, so I insert it here, too:

May 17, 2022

A maze with a famous sentence in Spanish

 Find the sentence in the puzzle and then try to find out who the author was.

May 13, 2022

Match-up exercise : Clothing vocabulary in Korean

A matching exercise for learners of the Korean language. Let me know if you need the solution :-) 

May 11, 2022

Word Search Puzzle with German Birdnames and a Hidden Proverb

In dieser Wortschlange verbergen sich allerlei Vögel. 

Zuerst streichen Sie die Vogelnamen durch, dann schauen Sie sich die übriggebliebenen Buchstaben genauer an. 

Die restlichen Buchstaben ergeben ein deutsches Sprichtwort.

May 09, 2022

Famous lines from novels : A maze

Find the hidden message in the maze!  

Can you identify the author and the title of the novel?

May 08, 2022

Match-up exercise -- Állatok

Gyakori állatnevek szerepelnek ebben a feladatban. 

A teendő: Össze kell kapcsolni a képeket a megfelelő állat nevével. 


May 05, 2022

衣服 (1) -- A match-up exercise

I am posting a new match-up exercise here, this time about clothing. I was not able to include all the words I wanted, so there will be a continuation to this exercise someday.  

May 04, 2022

An easy word search puzzle with German body words

 Here is a new puzzle for you or for your students.

It is an easy puzzle, words can go horizontally from left to right, and vertically from top to bottom.


May 03, 2022

Búsqueda de palabras

Dentro de esta espiral encontrarás una cita inspiradora, pero aquí hay demasiadas letras. Elimina las letras restantes y encontrarás el nombre del autor.

Déjame saber si necesitas ayuda. :-)

May 02, 2022

A Crossword for Advanced English Learners

In the below grid you find numbers where each number represents a letter.

All you need to do is work out which number corresponds to which letter. The value for the letter U is 1.

Let me know if you need the solution for this puzzle. 

May 01, 2022

Scrambled text in Hungarian (with audio)

Here is a short  excerpt from the Little Prince in Hungarian, 
but the sentences are in a random order. 

a) Nagy meglepetésemre egyszeriben fölragyogott az arca.

b) A rajz fölé hajolt.

c) - Hát mert nálam odahaza minden olyan kicsi...

d) - Biztosan elég lesz neki. Egészen kicsi bárány.

e) - Miért?

f) - Tessék - mondtam. - Ez itt a ládája. Benne van a bárány, amit akarsz.

g) - Nem is olyan kicsi... Nézd csak! Elaludt...

h) Így ismerkedtem meg a kis herceggel.

i) - Ez az! Éppen így akartam! Mit gondolsz, sok fű kell ennek a báránynak?

Your task is to put the sentences in the correct order.

The following audio may help you in solving the problem:

Source of the text and the audio: Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár