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September 30, 2023

Vehicles : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners

Embark on a journey through a vehicle matching puzzle right here. Your goal is uncomplicated: match the words with the fitting vehicle depictions. I'm quite certain you'll sail through this with ease. And if you want to make use of these words in other activities, be sure to explore the vehicle word search puzzle published in our blog.

September 16, 2023

Vehicles : A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

Welcome to our word search puzzle for language learners! This time you'll need to find 15 hidden words in the grid, matching the provided pictures. We love word search puzzles because they are not only fun but also an excellent way to enhance your vocabulary and language comprehension. So, let's get started!

September 02, 2023

Describing Sceneries : A Crossword Puzzle for Intermediate French Learners

Below, you can find a crossword puzzle made for intermediate learners. It contains various descriptive words related to scenery. Take your time and try to fill in the blanks with the appropriate words. Once you have completed the puzzle, you can review the answers to see how well you did. This exercise will not only help you expand your vocabulary but also enhance your ability to express your travel experiences in a more vivid and engaging way. Enjoy the challenge!

August 19, 2023

Summer : A Matching Exercise for French Learners

Get ready for a summer escapade with our matching exercise! With 15 sun-soaked images to pair with the right words, this task is sure to make your language learning journey feel like a day at the beach. :-) Dive in and soak up some new vocabulary!

August 05, 2023

Summer Vocabulary : A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

Unleash your inner word detective with our summer-themed word search puzzle! This fun and engaging exercise, crafted for French learners, is a perfect way to chill while enhancing your vocabulary and spelling skills. Whether you're under the shade of a tree or inside your cozy room, this puzzle will take you on a sunny adventure through the French language!

July 22, 2023

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

I have made a word search puzzle for you to help you practice animal vocabulary in French. For many reasons, word search puzzles are extremely well-liked and frequently used as fun educational resources. They are not only enjoyable and entertaining, but they also have a lot of advantages for cognitive growth and language learning. So let's begin working on this puzzle!

July 08, 2023

Sports : Matching Exercise for French Learners

Welcome to a new exercise about sports! In this post, we present 14 sentences about sports with blank spaces. Your task is to complete the sentences by filling in the missing words, which are listed in alphabetical order just above the sentences. Each word can only be used once. So, let's get started and see how many you can get right!

June 24, 2023

Sports : A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

We launched a sports series two weeks ago. The first challenge was a matching game where you had to pair images with their corresponding French names. Now, we have a new puzzle for you to enjoy using the same vocabulary. It's a word search puzzle with hidden words in all directions. We recommend completing the initial matching exercise focused on sports before solving the word search puzzle. We sincerely hope that both exercises will be beneficial to you.

June 10, 2023

Sports : A Matching Exercise for French Learners

Many people place a high value on sports. Sports can be a source of personal and economic development by allowing people to improve their physical fitness, teamwork, leadership, and other important life skills. Previously, we did not provide a lot of sports vocabulary, but that will now change. The first of these exercises is available below (the next ones will be available in a few weeks). We hope you will be able to use the words in them when conversing with your French-speaking friends.

May 27, 2023

Fruits: A Matching Exercise for French Learners

You can find a matching exercise in our most recent blog post. We like matching exercises very much because they are entertaining and useful for people learning foreign languages. You can quickly increase your vocabulary on this subject by matching images of fruits with their corresponding names. Try it and see how many fruits you can match correctly.

May 13, 2023

Animals : A Word Scramble Puzzle for French Learners

This article includes a gallery of 12 animal images as well as a section with their names. The names are jumbled up, so it might be challenging for you to match the pictures to their proper names. You must first unscramble the words in order to complete the task. Although the answer is provided at the end of the article, it is recommended that you try to solve the puzzle on your own.

April 29, 2023

Animals : A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners

This blog post contains a simple crossword puzzle about animals that we created for French learners. This fun exercise will challenge your vocabulary and entertain you at the same time! So grab a pencil and prepare to fill in the blanks with the names of these cute and/or majectic animals!

April 15, 2023

Kitchen vocabulary for French Learners : A Matching Puzzle

Prepare to expand your French vocabulary with this exercise in which you must match French words to images of common kitchen items. It's perfect for those looking to challenge themselves and who have already learned close to 1,000 French words. If you find the exercise too difficult, don't give up! Just scroll down to the end of this blog post, where you can find the vocabulary needed to solve this puzzle. So, let's get started!

April 01, 2023

Positive Feelings, Positive Personal Traits: A Puzzle for French Learners

Positive quote
You can find a word search puzzle below. The French words in the grid describe admirable traits in people or pleasant feelings. Find them all, then list them under the grid in alphabetical order. In order to help you with your efforts, we gave away the first letters of every word. 

However, if you think the exercise is too difficult without knowing which words are hidden in the grid, just scroll down to the bottom of this article to find them. 

The words are hidden in every possible direction. So, let's find them!

March 18, 2023

Daily Routine: Missing Letters in French Sentences

Below, you can find 15 pictures of people going about their daily lives, along with 15 French sentences. There are, however, some missing letters from the words. The sentences and corresponding images must be matched after the missing letters have been filled in.

If you find the exercise to be too challenging, be sure to check the solutions at the end of this blog post.

March 04, 2023

Numbers in French: A Word Search Puzzle

We already had a numbers-related puzzle a couple of weeks ago. If you want to solve the Numbers in French : A Crossword Puzzle as well, click on the link.

This time, I've got a word search puzzle for you, but let's keep the number theme going. Search the grid for the words that correspond to the numbers that are listed beneath the grid.

Words can be found in the grid in every direction, that is, horizontally from left to right and from right to left, vertically from top to bottom and from bottom to top, and diagonally in every thinkable direction. 

Many French numbers must have dashes, but you won't find any of them in the grid; so, you must also place them where they belong.

February 18, 2023

Vegetables: A Matching Exercise for French Learners

Des l├ęgumes

You'll find a picture and a list of the names of 25 vegetables below. Your task is to match them. Though I hope you won't find it too difficult, if you do, feel free to look at the solution, which is provided further below.

A few weeks ago, I posted a word search game with a vegetable theme. You have the opportunity to review the words used in that puzzle because they are all used in the puzzle for today, along with a few others.

You can find that puzzle here if you'd like to solve it as well.

February 04, 2023

Missing Letters in French Words


Look at the pictures and write the missing letters to complete the words! Just a heads up: The length of the underline symbol does not correlate with the number of letters missing from the words. Most likely, you will find this exercise to be very simple, but if not, simply scroll down to the end of this blog post to find the answers.

January 21, 2023

The Tricky French Numbers : A Crossword Puzzle

Do you know how to count in French? It's definitely not that easy, is it? You won't have any trouble finishing the crossword puzzle below, though, if you are proficient with numbers. Unlike other crosswords, if dashes are needed, they must be added to the squares.

If you need assistance, scroll down to the end of this blog post, where you will find the solution as usual.

January 07, 2023

House Object: A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners


There are images of various objects below, along with a word search puzzle. You must first locate the words for the pictures in the grid before matching them to the corresponding images. The words can be found in the grid in every direction: vertically from top to bottom and from bottom to top, horizontally from left to right and from right to left, and diagonally in every possible direction. Words can cross each other and share letters. I hope you are able to solve this double puzzle, but if you find it too difficult, just scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, where you will find the solutions as usual.