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February 19, 2024

In the Garden : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

A word search puzzle containing garden or gardening-related words is provided below. The words are hidden horizontally (left to right), vertically, and diagonally (top to bottom). 

Rather than giving away the words hidden in the grid, we put visual hints next to the puzzle. If you find a word in the grid, write it beneath the image to which it most closely relates.

Happy puzzle-solving!

February 05, 2024

In the Garden : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

See below for a matching exercise we made with a gardening theme for ESL students. I really hope that you do not find it to be too difficult, but if you do, scroll down to find the answers and commit the new words to memory. We plan to develop additional exercises that make use of the same vocabulary, so if you are interested, please take a moment to check back later.

January 09, 2024

Winter : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

Below, you will find a word search puzzle that can be useful for English learners. The words are hidden in the following directions: horizontally from left to right, vertically from top to bottom and diagonally also from top to bottom. If you would like to solve a matching exercise that has the same vocabulary, you can find it by clicking on this link:

Winter : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

December 11, 2023

Winter : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

Below, you can find a winter-themed matching exercise that we created for English learners. Hopefully, you won't find it too difficult, but if you do, just scroll down for the solutions and try to memorize the words you have not encountered so far. We are planning to create more exercises with the same vocabulary, so check back later if you are interested.

November 13, 2023

Fall : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

We previously created a matching exercise for you with autumn-related vocabulary. We used the same set of words to create a word search puzzle this time. If you want to practice these words, feel free to return to the first exercise, which is accessible via the provided link.

Fall : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

October 16, 2023

Fall : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

Below, you'll discover a matching puzzle featuring fall-themed vocabulary where you must connect the words with the corresponding picture. I hope you won't find it overly challenging, but if you do, there's no need to worry. Simply scroll down to locate the solutions. If you found this sneak peek helpful, that's perfectly fine. Take the time to familiarize yourself with any unfamiliar words, and then return to the exercise to test your memory of them.

September 18, 2023

Vehicles : A Word Scramble Puzzle for English Learners

We created a series of exercises with vehicle words in the last few weeks for you. This is the last part of the series for now. This is a word cramble puzzle where you have to unscramble the letters to be able to match the words to the correct pictures. If you are lost, just go back to one of the previous exercises, for example, the matching puzzle on vehicles, and review the words with their help. But don't forget to come back to solve this puzzle, too :-) Enjoy!

September 04, 2023

Vehicles : An Easy Crossword Puzzle for English Learners

Below, I am sharing with you a crossword puzzle on vehicles. It's a great way to test your knowledge and have some fun. If you want to brush up on your vehicle vocabulary before attempting the puzzle, here is a link to a matching exercise on vehicles. It will help you familiarize yourself with the terms. Have fun! 

August 21, 2023

Vehicles : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

Below, you will find a matching puzzle centered around vehicles. Your task is quite simple: you need to match the words with the corresponding pictures of vehicles. I hope you won't find it overly challenging. If you're interested in utilizing the same vocabulary for other exercises as well, take a look at this blog post for a word search puzzle based on vehicles.

August 07, 2023

Vehicles : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

Welcome to our language learners' word search puzzle! In this exciting challenge, you will have to find 15 hidden words in the grid, corresponding to the pictures provided. Word search puzzles are not only fun but also a great way to improve your vocabulary and language recognition skills. Keep searching, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can conquer this linguistic adventure!

July 24, 2023

Describing Sceneries : A Crossword Puzzle for Intermediate English Learners

Below, you will find a crossword puzzle. It is filled with words that allow you to vividly describe the breathtaking sceneries you encounter during your travels. I  hope you will find it useful. In my opinion, crossword puzzles offer a playful and engaging approach to language learning. They help learners expand their vocabulary, reinforce spelling, and enhance their understanding of context. By focusing on travel-related scenery words, this puzzle creates meaningful connections between language and the real world, making language learning both enjoyable and relevant. So, let's begin with the challenge!

July 10, 2023

Summer : A Matching Exercise for English Learners

Let the sunshine in with this summer-themed matching exercise! This activity brings you 15 vivid pictures waiting to be paired with their corresponding words. It's not just a fun way to engage with the season, but a fantastic opportunity to broaden your vocabulary.

June 26, 2023

Summer Vocabulary : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

What better way to welcome the warmer weather and longer days than with a fun and engaging word search? We have gathered a delightful collection of summer-themed words for you to seek out and find in this word search puzzle. Challenge yourself, relax, and let the joy of summer unfold as you embark on this word search adventure. So grab a cool beverage, find a cozy spot, and immerse yourself in the world of summer words. Let the puzzle-solving begin!

June 12, 2023

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

I have created a word search puzzle for you, designed to enhance your practice of animal vocabulary in English. Word search puzzles are immensely popular and widely used as engaging learning tools for various reasons. Not only are they entertaining and enjoyable, but they also offer numerous benefits for cognitive development and language acquisition. So let's get started!

May 29, 2023

Sports : Multiple Choice Exercise for English Learners

This is the third round of our sports series, and before we move on, I'd like you to complete the below multiple-choice exercise, too. Just to be sure, you acquired the vocabulary we practiced in the last two exercises. I wish you the best of luck! 


Please select the correct answers:

1. Which of the following sports is played with a round ball?
a) Soccer
b) Swimming
c) Cycling
d) Water polo

2. Which sport involves swimming in a pool?
a) Soccer
b) Water polo
c) Cycling
d) Fencing

May 24, 2023

Ejercita tu Inglés -- My New Book Is Out!


I am delighted to inform you that my new book has just been published!

Ejercita tu Inglés

May 15, 2023

Sports : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

Two weeks ago, we started a new series for you about sports. The first puzzle was a matching exercise where you had to match 18 pictures with their English names. Now we've made a new puzzle with the same vocabulary for you. Below is a word search puzzle, and your task is to find all the hidden words in the grid. It won't be easy because, as usual, the words can be found in every direction. I would encourage you to solve the matching exercise on sports if you missed it. I hope you find them useful, and the exercises will assist you in remembering the spelling and meaning of the words.

May 01, 2023

Sports : A Matching Exercise for English Learners

Sports have an impact on our daily lives in a variety of ways. Sports, whether played or watched, can help people stay physically and mentally healthy, build relationships, and even inspire personal growth and achievement.

Therefore, we prepared a matching exercise with sports vocabulary for you and are publishing it in this blog post. We hope that it will be useful when conversing with your English-speaking friends. 

April 17, 2023

Fruits: A Matching Exercise for English Learners

In this blog post, we have put together a matching exercise for English learners. By matching pictures of fruits with their corresponding names, you'll not only improve your vocabulary, but also have fun! So, let's get started and see how many fruits you can correctly match!

April 03, 2023

Animals : A Word Scramble Puzzle for English Learners

12 images of various animals are shown below, along with a list of their names. Your job is to match them. The task is not as simple as it seems, though, because the letters in the animal names are jumbled, as you can see if you look at the words more closely. Therefore, you must unscramble them before you can match them to the appropriate images. The answer is at the end of this article, but I sincerely hope you won't need to look it up right away.