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September 22, 2023

Vehicles : A Matching Puzzle for Korean Learners

Dive into a vehicles-themed matching puzzle just below. The objective is clear-cut: align the words with the appropriate vehicle illustrations. I'm optimistic that this won't pose much challenge. To continue using these words in different exercises, have a look at our blogpost housing a word search puzzle focused on vehicles.

September 08, 2023

Vehicles : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

Below, you will find a word search puzzle designed for language learners. Your task is to find 15 hidden words in the grid, corresponding to the pictures provided. Word search puzzles are not only fun but also a great way to improve your vocabulary and language recognition skills. Keep searching, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can conquer this linguistic adventure!

August 25, 2023

A Crossword Puzzle for Korean Learners

Below is a crossword puzzle designed specifically for low-intermediate Korean learners. I hope you do not find it too difficult, but if you do, do not worry: the solution is at the bottom of this blog post.

August 11, 2023

Summer : A Matching Exercise for Korean Learners

Welcome the warmth of summer with our matching exercise! This activity presents you with 15 images, each encapsulating a slice of the sunny season. Your task? Simply match each picture to the appropriate word. This is a splendid way to embrace summer while enriching your Korean vocabulary. 

July 28, 2023

Summer Vocabulary : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

As the season of sunshine arrives, it's time to bask in the glow of a word search puzzle that embodies the warmth of summer. Expand your vocabulary with this exercise that was tailored especially for Korean learners, and ride the currents of new terminology like a skilled surfer. So, let's begin! ๐Ÿ„

July 14, 2023

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

I have created a word search puzzle to help you practice animal vocabulary in Korean. Word search puzzles serve as enjoyable and effective learning aids, stimulating cognitive functions such as visual processing, word recognition, and memory. They provide a dynamic way to practice and reinforce language skills, including vocabulary expansion. So, grab a pen and give this animal-themed word search puzzle a try, and enjoy the benefits it offers for improving your Korean proficiency! So let us begin!

June 16, 2023

Sports : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

Two weeks ago, we started a sports series on this blog. The first puzzle was a matching game where you had to match 16 images with their Korean names. Now we have created a new puzzle using the same vocabulary. This is a word search, and your task is to find all the hidden words in the grid. If you haven't completed the first matching exercise on sports, I recommend doing so because it is a good "warm-up" exercise. I hope these puzzles will be helpful in remembering the spelling and meaning of the words. So, let's get started!

June 02, 2023

Sports : A Matching Exercise for Korean Learners

Sports are important for many reasons, such as promoting physical fitness, developing teamwork and leadership skills, enhancing mental toughness, and providing opportunities for socialization and enjoyment. They can also serve as a means for personal growth, cultural exchange, and economic development. We will be providing sports-related vocabulary exercises in the upcoming weeks, and we hope they will be useful for conversing with Korean-speaking friends.

May 19, 2023

Fruits: A Matching Exercise for Korean Learners

Check out our latest blog post which features a matching exercise that is both fun and educational for Korean language learners. By matching colorful pictures of fruits with their corresponding names, you can easily expand your vocabulary and have fun at the same time. So, give it a try and see how many fruits you can correctly match!

May 05, 2023

Animals : A Word Scramble Puzzle for Korean Learners

This article contains a collection of 12 animal images, as well as a section with their names. Your task is to match the pictures to their correct names, which may prove difficult due to the jumbled up names. To finish the task, you must first unscramble the words. Although the solution is given at the end of the article, it is advised that you attempt to complete the puzzle without looking.

April 21, 2023

Animals : A Crossword Puzzle for Korean Learners

There are ten small crossword puzzles and ten animal images in this blog post. Your task is to horizontally insert the correct Korean words into the crosswords. Once you have finished, you can locate an animal name vertically in the gray squares. Once you have the names of every animal, all that remains is to number the images. Do you feel up to the task? I hope so. Let's begin, then!

April 07, 2023

Kitchen vocabulary for Korean Learners : A Matching Puzzle

In the exercise below, you can match Korean words with pictures of common kitchen items. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary in this area. For those who have already learned close to 1,000 Korean words and want to challenge themselves, this puzzle is an excellent exercise. Let's get started!

March 24, 2023

Positive Feelings, Positive Personal Traits: A Puzzle for Korean Learners

Positive quote

You can find a word search puzzle below. In the grid, there are 18 Korean words related to positive feelings or positive personal traits. Can you find all of them? 

If you feel that the exercise is too challenging, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to find the words that are concealed in the grid. 

March 10, 2023

Daily Routine: Missing Letters in Korean Sentences

Here are 15 pictures of people going about their daily lives along with 15 Korean sentences. However, some of the letters in the words are missing. After filling in the missing letters, the sentences and corresponding images must be matched.

If you find the exercise to be too challenging, scroll down to the end of this blog post, where you will find the solution as usual.

February 24, 2023

Numbers in Korean: A Matching Puzzle

Korean numbers

You can see Korean numbers in the picture below. Match them up with the English numbers that can be found immediately beneath the image. But be cautious! One of the English numbers doesn't have its Korean counterpart. Which one?

February 10, 2023

Vegetables: A Matching Exercise for Korean Learners



Below, you'll find a picture of 25 vegetables along with a list of their names. Your task is to match them. Although I hope you won't find this puzzle too challenging, if you do, feel free to look at the solution, which is provided further below.

I recently released a word search game with a vegetable theme. All of the words from that word search puzzle, along with a few others, are used in the puzzle for today, so this is a chance for you to review them.

If you would also like to solve that puzzle, you can find it here.

January 27, 2023

Missing Syllables in Korean Words


After viewing the illustrations, complete the missing syllables in the words. You can find the answers at the bottom of this blog post if you don't think this exercise is that simple.

January 13, 2023

Numbers in Korean : A Matching Exercise

 ์ˆ˜ํ•™ : Mathematics

Basic Maths Symbols
You'll find two lists below. There are additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions in the first list; the answers are in the second list. You have to pair them up.

I'm going to give you four words that will be useful in your endeavors to figure out the answer to the exercise.

However, if there are any points where you are still unsure, simply scroll down to the end of this blogpost to find the solutions to the exercise.

Useful vocab

๋”ํ•˜๊ธฐ: plus

๋นผ๊ธฐ: minus

๊ณฑํ•˜๊ธฐ: times

๋‚˜๋ˆ„๊ธฐ: divided

December 30, 2022

House Object : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners


A word search puzzle and images of various objects can be found below. You must locate the picture's words in the grid and then pair them with their corresponding images. 

You can find the words horizontally from left to right, and vertically from top to bottom. Words can share syllables and cross each other. One of the words can be found twice in the grid. Your task is to find out which one.

I hope you can easily solve this double puzzle. But if you need help, just scroll down to the bottom of this entry where you can find the solution as usual.

December 16, 2022

School vocabulary in Korean : A Word Scramble Puzzle


School vocab in Korean

In this entry you will find a list of Korean syllables. English words that are all connected to schools are listed beneath them. Your job is to create the Korean translations from the jumbled syllables and then write them down next to their English eqiuvalents.
Don't worry if you get stuck. After this entry, you'll find the usual list of solutions.