October 20, 2023

Vehicles : A Word Spiral Puzzle for Korean Learners

We've recently released two vehicle vocabulary exercises for you, and this puzzle marks the final installment in this series. In this section, we present an engaging word spiral puzzle for your enjoyment. Initially, your task is to identify the Korean words within the word spiral and then correctly associate them with the corresponding images. If you find yourself struggling to recall the words, consider revisiting one of our earlier exercises; you can conveniently access the links below. However, don't forget to return and complete this puzzle as well.

Links to the earlier exercises:

Vehicles: A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners 

Vehicles: A Matching Puzzle for Korean Learners


Vehicles in Korean

Pictures of Vehicles

You will find the vocabulary needed to solve this puzzle at the links above, so there is no vocabulary section here this time.