October 16, 2023

Fall : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners

Below, you'll discover a matching puzzle featuring fall-themed vocabulary where you must connect the words with the corresponding picture. I hope you won't find it overly challenging, but if you do, there's no need to worry. Simply scroll down to locate the solutions. If you found this sneak peek helpful, that's perfectly fine. Take the time to familiarize yourself with any unfamiliar words, and then return to the exercise to test your memory of them.


Fall : A Matching Puzzle for English Learners


5 acorn
2 chestnut
3 cloud
11 foggy
1 harvest
14 haystack
8 leaves
7 pinecone
10 puddle
15 rain
12 rake
6 scarecrow
9 to plough
13 umbrella
4 windy