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Ejercita tu Inglés

Ejercita tu Inglés

El libro está disponible en casi todas las tiendas de Amazon, como
Espero que disfrutes resolviendo los crucigramas que contiene. 

AQUÍ puedes leer más sobre el libro en español.

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Playing with Basic German Vocabulary : A Puzzle Workbook for English Speakers

Playing with Basic German Vocabulary

You can buy it in almost all Amazon stores.

UPDATE (June 2023): I received a review on Amazon stating that there were errors in the text and exercises, but I am uncertain about what the reviewer is referring to. Prior to publishing, I took proactive measures to ensure the accuracy of the content by engaging two freelancers for proofreading: a native German speaker specifically for the German sentences and a native American English speaker for the English sentences. They diligently reviewed a substantial portion (approximately 80%) of the material. Following this feedback, I thoroughly reviewed the German text once again, correcting some typos and one mistake, but I did not identify any errors related to German accents. Therefore, I am unsure where to find the issues mentioned by the reviewer.

I sincerely appreciate the feedback provided, and I want to emphasize my commitment to maintaining the quality of the content. If you could kindly provide specific areas or examples where you noticed issues with the accents, it would greatly assist me in further investigation and improvement. 

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