July 31, 2022

Missing Letters in Captions. An Exercise for Hungarian Learners


You will find below 10 pictures with captions. If you look at them closer, you will see that the words have missing letters. This time not only vowels. 

Your task is to fill in the missing letters.

Missing Letters in Hungarian Words, Page 1

July 29, 2022

The Months in Korean. A Wordsearch Puzzle for Beginners

This time, I am posting an easy wordsearch puzzle for children or for beginners.

Your task is to find the names of the months in the grid below. The words can share syllables.

Word search puzzle in Korean

July 27, 2022

Obst : A Crossword for German Learners

I made a crossword for German learners about fruit names. First try to put the words into the squares without a dictionary, I hope you can solve it quickly.

July 25, 2022

Antonyms -- An English Word Search Puzzle for ESL students

I am posting a new exercise for ESL students below. It is meant for (relative) beginners, and as such, it has very important words in it. You can use it for brushing up your own knowledge, or print it out and bring it to your class and let your students solve it. 

Antonyms : A Word Search Puzzle

July 24, 2022

Wow! The vowels are missing!

Complete the Hungarian words with the missing letters.

The letter "a" is missing 18 times,

the letter "á" 11 times,

the letter "e" 42 times (!),

the letter "é" 15 times,

the letter "i" 13 times,

the letter "í" 2 times

the letter "o" 9 times,

the letter "ö" 4 times,

the letter "ő" 4 times,

the letter "ü" 3 times.

July 23, 2022

French Missing Letters

You can find ten pictures with captions below. However, the captions have missing letters. Your task is to fill them in.

French Missing Letters Exercise

July 21, 2022

Find the Pinyin in the Grid! A Wordsearch Puzzle with Chinese Words

 Find the Pinyin for the following Chinese characters in the grid below!

出租车, 电脑, 电视, 电影, 东西, 对不起

汉语, 叫, 老师, 四, 他, 写, 再见

吃, 多, 多少, 后面, 回, 会, 

Word Search Puzzle with Pinyin

July 19, 2022

Frutas : A crossword for Spanish learners

Below you can find a crossword about fruit names. 

I hope you or your students can solve it quickly.

A crossword

July 17, 2022

Word Cloud with the first lines of a Hungarian poem

Here is a word cloud with Hungarian words, but this time it hides not simple, detached words but something more complicated. 

From the words you can assemble the first four lines of a long epic poem written in the 19th century. 

The solution is the name of the (Hungarian) poet and the title of his work.

First four lines of a Hungarian epic poem

July 16, 2022

Missing letters in French Words -- An exercise with audio

There are a few sentences with lots of blank spaces below. Your task is to fill in the blanks. 

If you are having trouble understanding the text on your own, don't panic. A list of all the letters that are missing and a brief audio file are your two options for assistance. Just play the audio if you get lost. I'm sure, you will benefit from it.

J_    v__s    d_nn_    tr__s    fr_ncs.

M.    _t    Mm_    L__r_nt    v__l_nt    s_rt_r    c_    s__r.

V__l_z-v__s    m'__d_r,    M_ns___r.

P__r    q__    _ch_t_z-v__s    d_s    c_d___x?

J_    n_    v__s    __    p_s   v_    d_p__s    tr__s    _ns.

_t_s-v__s    c_nt_nt    d_    v_tr_    tr_v__l?

J_    m_ng_    _   l_    m__s_n.

J_    v__x    _cr_r_    _n_    l_ttr_    _    m_n    _m_.

L_    ch__ff__r    _rr_t_    l_    c_r.

J_    m_    r_v__ll_    t_t.

July 13, 2022

Wortsuche für Kinder

This is a simple word search puzzle for young children.

The words can be found horizontally (from left to right) and vertically (from top to bottom).

This time I do not list the 15 words which are hidden in the puzzle. 

Because of the German orthography it should be a piece of cake anyway.

Wortsuchrätsel, Die Erde

July 11, 2022

Fruits : A Crossword with English Fruit Names

I made a new crossword for English learners. As you can see, the theme of the crossword is FRUITS. 


July 09, 2022

L'appartement: A Word cloud with French words

 Try to find the French translations of the following words in the Word cloud below:

living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, attic, nursery, working room, cellar, garden, corridor, kitchen, bathroom

Les pièces d'un appartement

July 08, 2022

Missing Syllables in Korean Words


Look at the pictures below. What occupations do they show? 
Once you know the answer, go ahead, and complete the words with the missing syllables!

July 07, 2022

Match Up the Pictures with the Chinese Words

 Below you can find 10 words and 10 pictures.

Your task is to match the pictures with the correct Chinese words.



(dāo)电饭煲 (diànfànbāo)冬天 (dōngtiān)鸟窝 (niǎo wō)

吸尘器 (xīchénqì),  (gǒu), 炉子 (lúzǐ), 夏天 (xiàtiān), (jiǎo ),  (māo)




July 06, 2022

Which sentence belongs to which scene? Watch this short video and find out!

Below you can find 15 sentences. Please, read them first, then watch this short video.

Once you are ready, match the scenes in the video with the right sentences.

July 05, 2022

Sopa de letras para niños

 Aquí estoy publicando un rompecabezas para niños. Ellos deben encontrar las palabras siguientes en la cuadrícula: 

alacena, alfombra, aspiradora, cortina, escalera, horno, lavadora, mesa, pared, puerta, reloj, silla, sillón, sofá, televisión

Las palabras se pueden encontrar horizontalmente (hacia delante) y verticalmente (hacia abajo).

Sopa de letras para niños

July 03, 2022

A Quote in Hungarian -- A Fallen Phrase

If you are familiar with this type of puzzles, just go ahead and solve it. You do not need this introduction. But if you do not know what is it all about, just wait, I am telling you the story of the board you are facing now. 

So, just to let you know, originally, all the letters were on the board, but something happened to them and they fell out of it. Now all the letters you need to reconstruct the quote originally written on the board are just under the column they belong to. However, it is not as simple as it may sound because they are scrambled.

Your task is to put the letters back on the board so that the message appears again. Be cautious! Words are separated by black squares, not by the end of a line.

A Fallen Phrase Puzzle in Hungarian