July 24, 2022

Wow! The vowels are missing!

Complete the Hungarian words with the missing letters.

The letter "a" is missing 18 times,

the letter "á" 11 times,

the letter "e" 42 times (!),

the letter "é" 15 times,

the letter "i" 13 times,

the letter "í" 2 times

the letter "o" 9 times,

the letter "ö" 4 times,

the letter "ő" 4 times,

the letter "ü" 3 times.

And here are the sentences:

L__h__t    __tt    b__nkk__rty__v__l    f__z__tn__?

H__tv__g__n    __l    k__ll    m__nn__m    b__v__s__r__ln__.

N__m    sz__r__t__m    __    cs__p__s    __t__l__k__t.

__gy__l__r__    p__h__nn__    sz__r__tn__k,    __zt__n    m__gl__t__m,    l__sz-__    k__dv__m    m__z__b__    m__nn__.

__    n__gy__bb__k    l__ny__m    m__r    __sk__l__s.

M__nj__nk    __l    v__cs__r__zn__    __gy    __tt__r__mb__!

S__jn__s    n__gy__n    k__v__s    sz__b__d__d__m    v__n.

P__l__cs__nt__t    s__t__k    __b__dr__.

H__tv__g__n     p__rk__lt__t     k__sz__t__k.

J__v__    h__t__n     l__sz    __     f__rj__m     sz__l__t__sn__pj__.