July 28, 2023

Summer Vocabulary : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

As the season of sunshine arrives, it's time to bask in the glow of a word search puzzle that embodies the warmth of summer. Expand your vocabulary with this exercise that was tailored especially for Korean learners, and ride the currents of new terminology like a skilled surfer. So, let's begin! πŸ„


Find the following words in the grid:

ν–‡λΉ›, ν•΄λ³€, λ”μœ„, νœ΄κ°€, 수영
μ•„μ΄μŠ€ν¬λ¦Ό, μƒŒλ“€, μ„ κΈ€λΌμŠ€
ν•΄μ–‘, νœ΄μ‹, μ†Œν’, κ·Έλ¬ΌμΉ¨λŒ€ 
수영μž₯, λ°˜λ°”μ§€, μˆ˜λ°•
레λͺ¨λ„€μ΄λ“œ, μΊ ν•‘, λͺ¨λž˜μ„±

Summer Word Search Puzzle with Korean Vocabulary


ν–‡λΉ› sunlight
ν•΄λ³€ beach
λ”μœ„ heat
νœ΄κ°€ vacation
수영 swimming
μ•„μ΄μŠ€ν¬λ¦Ό ice cream
μƒŒλ“€ sandal
μ„ κΈ€λΌμŠ€ sunglasses
ν•΄μ–‘ ocean
νœ΄μ‹ rest
μ†Œν’ picnic
κ·Έλ¬ΌμΉ¨λŒ€  hammock
수영μž₯ swimming pool
λ°˜λ°”μ§€ shorts
μˆ˜λ°• watermelon
레λͺ¨λ„€μ΄λ“œ lemonade
μΊ ν•‘ camping
λͺ¨λž˜μ„± sand castle