July 06, 2023

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learners

I have created a word search puzzle for you, to help you practice animal vocabulary in Chinese. Word search puzzles offer a sense of achievement and satisfaction upon completion. As you find each animal word hidden within the puzzle, you experience a rewarding feeling of success, which further motivates and encourages continued language learning. So let's get started with this puzzle!


Find the below words in the grid. 
They can be found horizontally from left to right, and vertically from top to bottom.

大象 (dà xiàng), 长颈鹿 (cháng jǐng lù), 老虎 (lǎohǔ), 
企鹅 (qǐ'é), 狐狸 (hú lí), 树袋熊 (shù dài xióng), 
狮子 (shī zi), 狼 (láng), 海龟 (hǎi guī), 海豚 (hǎi tún)
野猪 (yě zhū), 袋鼠 (dài shǔ), 猎豹 (liè bào), 鹿 (lù)
斑马 (bān mǎ), 猴子 (hóu zi), 犀牛 (xī niú)
熊 (xióng), 熊猫 (xióng māo), 鳄鱼 (è yú)

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learners


熊 (xióng) --- Bear
企鹅 (qǐ'é) --- Penguin
海豚 (hǎi tún) --- Dolphin
海龟 (hǎi guī) --- Turtle
老虎 (lǎohǔ) --- Tiger
猎豹 (liè bào) --- Cheetah
斑马 (bān mǎ) --- Zebra
大象 (dà xiàng) --- Elephant
长颈鹿 (cháng jǐng lù) --- Giraffe
鳄鱼 (è yú) --- Crocodile
犀牛 (xī niú) --- Rhinoceros
猴子 (hóu zi) --- Monkey
狮子 (shī zi) --- Lion
袋鼠 (dài shǔ) --- Kangaroo
熊猫 (xióng māo) --- Panda
树袋熊 (shù dài xióng) --- Koala
狼 (láng) --- Wolf
狐狸 (hú lí) --- Fox
鹿 (lù) --- Roe
野猪 (yě zhū) --- Boar