July 04, 2023

Summer Vocabulary : A Word Search Puzzle for Spanish Learners

Below, you can find a summer-themed word search puzzle. I hope you can find a comfortable spot to begin working on it. As usual, the words are hidden in every possible direction, making it a bit difficult. But you can do it, I am sure! ūüėä


Find the below words in the grid.  
Look for them in every direction, including diagonally and backward, too!

calor, c√°mping, castillo de arena
gafas de sol, hamaca, helado
limonada, natación, océano
pantalones cortos, picnic, piscina, playa
relajación, sandalias, sandía, sol, vacaciones

Summer Word Search Puzzle with Spanish Vocabulary


calor heat
c√°mping camping
castillo de arena sandcastle
gafas de sol sunglasses
hamaca hammock
helado ice cream
limonada lemonade
natación swimming
océano ocean
pantalones cortos shorts
picnic picnic
piscina pool
playa beach
relajación relaxation
sandalias sandals
sandía watermelon
sol sun
vacaciones vacation

* * *
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