July 30, 2023

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for Hungarian Learners

I have created a word search puzzle for you to help you practice animal vocabulary in Hungarian. Finding each animal word concealed within the puzzle gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment, which further motivates and supports ongoing language learning. So let's get started!


Find the below words in the grid. They can be found horizontally from left to right, vertically from top to bottom, and diagonally also from top to bottom.

delfin, elefánt, farkas, gepárd, kenguru
koala, krokodil, majom, medve, oroszlán
orrszarvú, őz, panda, pingvin, róka
teknős, tigris, vaddisznó, zebra, zsiráf

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for Hungarian Learners


delfin --- dolphin
elefánt --- elephant
farkas --- wolf
gepárd --- cheetah
kenguru --- kangaroo
koala --- koala
krokodil --- crocodile
majom --- monkey
medve --- bear
oroszlán --- lion
orrszarvú --- rhinoceros
őz --- roe
panda --- panda
pingvin --- penguin
róka --- fox
teknős --- turtle
tigris --- tiger
vaddisznó --- boar
zebra --- zebra
zsiráf --- giraffe