July 14, 2023

Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

I have created a word search puzzle to help you practice animal vocabulary in Korean. Word search puzzles serve as enjoyable and effective learning aids, stimulating cognitive functions such as visual processing, word recognition, and memory. They provide a dynamic way to practice and reinforce language skills, including vocabulary expansion. So, grab a pen and give this animal-themed word search puzzle a try, and enjoy the benefits it offers for improving your Korean proficiency! So let us begin!


Find the below words in the grid. 
They can be found horizontally from left to right, and vertically from top to bottom.

거북이, 곰, 기린, 늑대, 돌고래, 멧돼지
사슴, 사자, 악어, 얼룩말, 여우, 원숭이
치타, 캥거루, 코끼리, 코뿔소, 코알라
판다, 펭귄, 호랑이


펭귄 Penguin
돌고래 Dolphin
거북이 Turtle
호랑이 Tiger
치타 Cheetah
얼룩말 Zebra
코끼리 Elephant
기린 Giraffe
악어 Crocodile
코뿔소 Rhinoceros
원숭이 Monkey
사자 Lion
캥거루 Kangaroo
판다 Panda
코알라 Koala
늑대 Wolf
여우 Fox
사슴 Roe
멧돼지 Boar