March 20, 2023

Animals : A Crossword Puzzle for English Learners

In this blog post you will find a fun and easy crossword puzzle for English learners that is all about animals! Whether you're a beginner or just looking for a quick activity, this crossword will challenge your vocabulary and test your knowledge of the animal kingdom. Print out the puzzle, then grab a pencil and fill in the blanks with the names of some of your favorite creatures!


A Crossword puzzle for English learners about animals


5 Large, heavy animals with a horn on their nose
6 A type of bear known for its black and white markings
7 Reptiles with a hard shell on their back that can live for a very long time
9 It resembles a dog, but it dwells in the wild. It communicates with howls.
10 An animal with bushy tails and sharp senses
11 An animal known for its intelligence and tool use
13 Large, gray animal with big ears and trunks
15 Graceful animals with long necks and distinctive spots
16 Large, furry mammals that can hibernate in winter
18 Adorable marsupials from Australia that sleep most of the day
19 Small, nimble deer that live in forests and fields


1 Fastest land animal that can run up to 70 mph
2 It hops around while carrying its babies in its pouch.
3 Carnivorous reptiles with a long, pointed snout and sharp teeth
4 Aquatic mammals that use echolocation to communicate and find food
7 Large, powerful striped animals with sharp claws and teeth
8 Large, wild cats known for their loud roars and impressive manes
12 Flightless birds that live in Antarctica and have a distinctive waddle
14 Animals known for their stripes.
17 Type of wild pig with sharp tusks


5 rhinoceros
6 panda
7 turtle
9 wolf
10 fox
11 monkey
13 elephant
15 giraffe
16 bear
18 koala
19 roe deer
1 cheetah
2 kangaroo
3 crocodile
4 dolphin
7 tiger
8 lion
12 penguin
14 zebra
17 boar

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