March 26, 2023

Daily Routine: Missing Letters in Hungarian Sentences

15 images of people going about their daily lives are shown below, along with 15 Hungarian sentences. However, a few letters from the words are missing. After the missing letters are filled in, the sentences and corresponding pictures must be matched. If you find the exercise to be too difficult, be sure to look at the solutions at the end of this blog post.


Pictures about daily activities


1. Egy könyv__ olva_.
2. Moso___.
3. Fésül___ik.
4. Kor__ kel.
5. Kimo__a a szennyes_.
6. Fürd__.
7. __megy __vásárolni.
8. Kisminkel_ az arc__.
9. Fog__ mos.
10. Kivasal__ az ingé_.
11. Bevet_ az ágyá_.
12. Bu___al mennek az iskolá__.
13. Vacsor__ kész_t.
14. Sepre___.
15. A gyerek reggeliz__.


Pictures and Hungarian sentences about daily activities