March 30, 2023

Kitchen Vocabulary for Chinese Learners : A Matching Puzzle

You can practice matching Chinese words to pictures of common kitchen items in the exercise listed below. Look no further if you want to increase your vocabulary in this area. For those who want to challenge themselves and have learned close to 1,000 Chinese words, this puzzle is a great exercise. So let's begin.


Easy Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures in Chinese


bowl wǎn
chopsticks 筷子 kuàizi
cup 杯子 bēizi
fork 叉子 chāzi
fridge 冰箱 bīngxiāng
frying pan 平底锅 píngdǐ guō
glass 玻璃杯 bōlibēi
knife dāo
microwave 微波炉 wéibōlú
plate 盘子 pánzi
pot guō
sink 洗涤槽 xǐdí cáo
spoon 勺子 sháozi
stove 烤箱 kǎoxiāng
teapot 茶壶 cháhú