February 03, 2024

Winter : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners

We created a winter-themed matching exercise for French learners, which you can find below. I hope you do not find it too hard, but if you do, scroll down for the vocabulary section and memorize the new words. Should you be interested, please check back later as we intend to develop additional exercises that utilize the same vocabulary.


Winter : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners


bonhomme de neige : snowman
écharpe : scarf
éternuer : to sneeze
faire du ski : to ski
fondre : to melt
gants : gloves
givre : frost
glace : ice
manteau : coat
moufles : mittens
neiger : to snow
patinage à glace : ice skating
Père Noël : Santa Claus
sapin : fir tree
stalactite : icicle
tempête de neige : snowstorm
traîneau : sled