March 17, 2022

Crossword for learning Chinese (HSK1 words)

I created a crossword with 16 new "HSK 1" words (new HSK means HSK 3.0). The clues are in Chinese (with English translation) and your job is to enter the Pinyin for them. 


3 出去 (to go out)

6 北边 (North side)

7 爱好 (hobby)

8 病人 (patient)

9 半年 (half a year)

10 常常 (often)

12 唱歌 (to sing)


1 不客气 (You're welcome)

2 不用 (no need)

3 吃饭 (to eat, to have meal)

4 百 (hundred)

5 别人 (other people)

6 包 (bag)

8 帮忙 (to help)

10 车票 (ticket)

11 车站 (station)

And HERE is the printable version.