June 27, 2022

Playing with Basic German Vocabulary : A Puzzle Workbook for English Speakers

 My new book is out! 

Full cover of the book

Introduction of the book

The book is available in (almost) every Amazon store. 

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Table of Contents


1. Numbers (Word Fill-in)

2. Ordinal numbers (A crossword puzzle)

3. Time (A crossword puzzle)

4. Die Uhr (A matching exercise)

5. Time words (Wortschlange)

6. Time words (A crossword puzzle)

7. Months, seasons (A codeword puzzle)

8. Das Wetter (Wortergänzung)

9. Das Wetter (A matching excercise)

10. Das Wetter (A word search puzzle)

11. Das Formular (A word search puzzle)

12. Nationalitäten – 1 (A crossword puzzle)

13. Nationalitäten – 2 (A crossword puzzle)

14. Familienmitglieder (Wortschlange)

15. Die Familie (A crossword puzzle)

16. Die Familie (Silbenrätsel)

17. Die Familie (Vokalsuche)

18. Stellen Sie sich bitte vor! (A cloze exercise)

19. Charakterisierung (A matching exercise)

20. Charakterisierung (A crossword puzzle)

21. Charakterisierung (Wortsuche)

22. Aussehen (Word scramble)

23. Tagesablauf (A cloze exercise)

24. Tagesablauf (A crossword puzzle)

25. Alltag (A maze with text)

26. Wohnen (Silbenrätsel)

27. Räume (A crossword puzzle)

28. Einrichtung (Richtig/Falsch)

29. Alles ist durcheinander (A crossword puzzle with pictures)

30. Rund um die Miete (A matching exercise)

31. Räume (Word scramble)

32. Wohnen (A matching exercise)

33. Haushalt (Word scramble)

34. Nahrungsmittel – Pluralformen (A quiz with a hidden message)

35. Essen (A crossword puzzle)

36. Speisen (A crossword puzzle)

37. Arbeitsplatz (A matching exercise)

38. Arbeitsplatz (A word search puzzle)

39. Berufe (A crossword puzzle)

40. Die Schule – Pluralformen (A quiz with a hidden message)

41. Die Schule (Word scramble)

42. Die Schule (A crossword puzzle)

43. Sprachen lernen (A crossword puzzle)

44. Körperteile (Wortschlange)

45. Körperteile (Word fill-in)

46. Beim Arzt (A crossword puzzle)

47. Die Kleidung (A crossword puzzle)

48. Im Kleidungsgeschäft (A crossword puzzle)

49. Die Kleidung – Pluralformen (A quiz with a hidden message)

50. Kommunikation – Artikel (A quiz with a hidden message)

51. Post, Telefon, Computer (A crossword puzzle)

52. Verkehrsmittel (A matching exercise with pictures)

53. Freizeit (A crossword puzzle)

54. Der Sport (Word fill-in)

55. Die Natur (A crossword puzzle)

56. Pflanzen (A crossword puzzle)

57. Tiere (A crossword puzzle)

58. Präpositionen (A matching exercise)

59. Wortbildung (A word search puzzle)

60. Wortbildung (A crossword puzzle)

61. Gegensätze (A word search puzzle)

62. Gegensätze (A crossword puzzle)

63. Verben – 1 (A crossword puzzle)

64. Verben – 2 (A crossword puzzle)

65. Verben – 3 (A crossword puzzle)

66. Lokaladverbien (Domino)

67. Motivational quote (A fallen phrase puzzle)

68. Motivational quote (A maze with text)

Help Section (Extra hints)


Selected vocabulary

UPDATE (June 2023): I received a review on Amazon stating that there were errors in the text and exercises, but I am uncertain about what the reviewer is referring to. Prior to publishing, I took proactive measures to ensure the accuracy of the content by engaging two freelancers for proofreading: a native German speaker specifically for the German sentences and a native American English speaker for the English sentences. They diligently reviewed a substantial portion (approximately 80%) of the material. Following this feedback, I thoroughly reviewed the German text once again, correcting some typos and one mistake, but I did not identify any errors related to German accents. Therefore, I am unsure where to find the issues mentioned by the reviewer...