November 24, 2022

Daily Routine -- A Crossword with Pinyin

 Daily Routine

Daily Routines -- To eat

Below you will find a crossword puzzle. The hints are Chinese words and your task is to put the appropriate pinyin into the squares. It shouldn't be too difficult, because these are basic words (around A1 or A2 level). However, if you need assistence, just scroll down to the end of this entry. I placed a vocabulary section there where you can find all the information you need to be able to solve the puzzle. 

Crossword Pinyin


1 刷牙
2 洗澡
5 坐地铁
7 洗脸
10 梳头
11 吃晚饭
14 做饭
15 跑步
16 起床


1 睡觉
2 学习
3 走路
4 工作
6 打电话
8 吃午饭
9 上课
10 上网
12 写字
13 下班


吃晚饭 chī wǎn fàn -- to have dinner
吃午饭 chī wǔ fàn -- to have lunch
打电话 dǎ diàn huà -- to make a phone call
工作 gōng zuò -- to work
跑步 pǎo bù -- to run
起床 qǐ chuáng -- to get up
上课 shàng kè -- to attend class
上网 shàng wǎng -- to surf the internet
梳头 shū tóu -- to comb one's hair
刷牙 shuā yá -- to brush teeth
睡觉 shuì jiào -- to sleep
洗脸 xǐ liǎn -- to wash face
洗澡 xǐ zǎo -- to have a shower
下班 xià bān -- to get off work
写字 xiě zì -- to write
学习 xué xí -- to learn
走路 zǒu lù -- to walk
坐地铁 zuò dì tiě -- to take the subway
做饭 zuò fàn -- to cook