April 09, 2024

Nature : A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners

Below is a matching exercise designed with Spanish language learners in mind. If you find it too difficult, don't worry; simply scroll down to find the vocabulary section.

In the coming weeks, we plan to release further exercises with the same vocabulary. So, if you are interested, make sure to check back later.


Nature : A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners


desert -- desierto
earthquake -- terremoto
flood -- inundación
fly -- mosca
forest -- bosque
island -- isla
lake -- lago
leaf -- hoja
lightning -- relámpago
meadow -- prado
mountain -- montaña
rainbow -- arcoíris, el
seashell -- concha
sparrow -- gorrión, el
squirrel -- ardilla
tree -- árbol
valley -- valle, el
wave -- ola

*   *   *

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