December 22, 2022

House Object : A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learners


Below are pictures of various objects and a word search puzzle. Your task is to find the pinyin words in the grid and then match them with the corresponding hanzi and the correct pictures. Words can be found horizontally from left to right, vertically from top to bottom, and diagonally from top to bottom. I hope you will be successful in deciphering this double puzzle, but if you find it too difficult, just scroll down to the bottom of this entry, where you will find the solution as usual.

Flat Objects: Visual Hints for the Exercise


毛巾, 风扇, 书架, 电视, 地毯, 扶手椅, 
枕头, 桌子, 海绵, 浴缸, 窗帘, 壁炉

Word Search Puzzle with Chinese Pinyin Words

*  *  *


1. 电视 diànshì

2. 壁炉 bìlú

3. 风扇 fēngshàn

4. 浴缸 yùgāng

5. 枕头 zhěntou

6. 窗帘 chuānglián

7. 桌子 zhuōzi

8. 毛巾 máojīn

9. 海绵 hǎimián

10. 书架 shūjià

11. 地毯 dìtǎn

12. 扶手椅 fúshǒu yǐ