December 30, 2022

House Object : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners


A word search puzzle and images of various objects can be found below. You must locate the picture's words in the grid and then pair them with their corresponding images. 

You can find the words horizontally from left to right, and vertically from top to bottom. Words can share syllables and cross each other. One of the words can be found twice in the grid. Your task is to find out which one.

I hope you can easily solve this double puzzle. But if you need help, just scroll down to the bottom of this entry where you can find the solution as usual.

Visual Hints for the Word Search Puzzle

Korean Word Search Puzzel


1 계단 stairs (2,2 -- across)
2 선풍기 electric fan (6,2 -- across)
3 옷장 wardrobe (3,2 -- down)
4 침대 bed (1,1 -- across)
5 거울 mirror (5,2 -- across)
6 머그잔 mug (5,1 -- down)
7 탁자 table (1,4 -- down)
8 수건 towel (1,3 -- across)
9 접시 plate (2,1 -- down)
10 의자 chair (3,3 -- across)
11 냉장고 refrigerator (4,1 -- across) AND (7,2 -- across)
12 세탁기 washing machine (4,4 -- down)