August 09, 2023

Describing Sceneries : A Crossword Puzzle for Intermediate German Learners

You can practice descriptive words by solving the crossword puzzle below. By focusing on scenery-related words, learners gain practical vocabulary they can readily apply while sharing their travel memories. I hope you will find this exercise useful. In my opinion, incorporating crossword puzzles into language learning fosters an immersive and interactive experience.  So let's get started.


A Crossword Puzzle for German Learners

2 majestic
4 breathtaking
5 enchanting
6 picturesque
10 untouched
11 calm
12 exotic
13 beautiful
14 idyllic

1 gorgeous
3 awe-inspiring
7 quiet, calm
8 captivating
9 dramatic


awe-inspiring -- ehrfurchtgebietend
beautiful -- wunderschön
breathtaking -- atemberaubend
calm -- gelassen
captivating -- fesselnd
dramatic -- dramatisch
enchanting -- bezaubernd
exotic -- exotisch
gorgeous -- traumhaft
idyllic -- idyllisch
majestic -- majestätisch
picturesque -- malerisch
quiet, calm -- ruhig
untouched -- unberührt

 *   *   *

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