November 01, 2023

Fall : A Matching Puzzle for German Learners

Here, you'll find an engaging autumn-themed word puzzle. Your task is to link the words with their corresponding images. If you find it a bit tricky, don't fret; you can scroll down anytime to discover the answers. If you feel that you need to check the solutions, just do it! Take a moment to acquaint yourself with any unfamiliar terms, then return to the puzzle to challenge your memory.


Fall : A Matching Puzzle for German Learners


8 Blätter
5 Eichel
1 Ernte
12 Harken
14 Heuhaufen
2 Kastanie
11 neblig
9 pflügen
10 Pfütze
15 Regen
13 Regenschirm
7 Tannenzapfen
6 Vogelscheuche
4 windig
3 Wolke

 *   *   *

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