November 07, 2023

Fall : A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners

There is a fall-themed matching puzzle below that you need to solve by matching the words with the right pictures. Although I hope it will not be too hard for you, do not worry if it is. Simply scroll down to find the answers. Spend some time getting to know any new words, and then go back to the exercise to see how well you remember them.


Fall : A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners


14 almiar
9 arar
5 bellota
2 castaña
10 charco
1 cosecha
6 espantapájaros
8 hojas
15 lluvia
11 niebla
3 nube
13 paraguas
7 piña de pino
12 rastrillo
4 ventoso

* * *

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