May 09, 2024

Nature : A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learner

Below you will find a word search puzzle that we made for Chinese learners. We used the same vocabulary in a previous puzzle, so if you are not familiar with these words, check out that exercise and review the vocabulary before beginning to solve this one.

You can access the previous puzzle by clicking on the link:

Nature : A Matching Puzzle for Chinese Learners


Find the pinyin for the following words in the grid:

叶子, 地震, 山, 山谷, 

彩虹, 松鼠, 树, 森林

沙漠, 洪水, 海浪, 

苍蝇, 草地, 贝壳, 闪电, 麻雀

Look for the words in every direction, including backward and diagonally.

Nature : A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learners

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