August 12, 2022

과일 / Fruits: A match-up exercise for Korean learners

A wanted to make a crossword about fruits in Korean, but after a while I just gave up.  Instead, I made this match-up exercise for you. I hope, you will enjoy it.

Fruit names in Korean

Fruits for the exercise - Part 1
Fruits for the exercise - Part 2


딸기 --- strawberry

레몬 --- lemon

망고 --- mango

바나나 --- banana

배 --- pear 

복숭아 --- peach

블루베리 --- blueberries

사과 --- apple

수박 --- watermelon

아보카도 --- avocado

오렌지 --- orange

자두 --- plum

코코넛 --- coconut

포도 --- grape