September 11, 2022

Ellentétek : A Word Search Puzzle for Hungarian Learners


In the list below you can find 16 words. Your task is to find their antonyms in the spiral and to write the correct words next to their opposites. However, you can find only 15 Hungarian words in the spiral, so the solution is the word which has no antonym in this exercise. 

If you are stuck, or you would like to check your solution, just scroll down to the vocabulary section where you will find all the Hungarian words used in the exercise along with their English translation. 

Happy puzzle solving!

Search for Hungarian words


beteg -- sick
boldog -- happy
bonyolult -- complicated
egészséges -- healthy
egyszerű -- simple
érdekes -- interessant
erős -- strong
fiatal -- young
gazdag -- rich
gyenge -- weak
gyors -- fast
halk -- quiet
hangos -- noisy
ideges -- nervous
ismeretlen -- unknown
ismert -- known, well-known
jó -- good
későn -- late
korán -- early
lassú -- slow
nyugodt -- calm
öreg -- old
piszkos -- dirty
rossz -- bad
sötét -- dark
szegény -- poor
szomorú -- sad
tele -- full
tiszta -- tidy
unalmas -- boring
üres -- empty