September 29, 2022

Professions in Chinese : A Word Scrambe and a Quiz


Two weeks ago, I published a word-matching activity featuring words related to professions in Chinese. You now have the opportunity to practice those words again with two new exercises: a word scramble and a quiz.

The word scramble

Using their Chinese translations, unscramble the English words.

NERTPTERIER --- 口译员 kǒuyì yuán

CRRYBEAIKL --- 瓦工 wǎgōng

CTEEHAR --- 老师 lǎoshī

GAEDRNER --- 园丁 yuándīng

REWITR --- 作家 zuòjiā

IRPTAEN --- 画家 huàjiā

EMNIR --- 矿工 kuànggōng

BARRNIILA --- 图书管理员

ERKBA --- 面包师 miànbāo shī

RBAREB --- 理发师 lǐfǎ shī

CFEH, OOCK --- 厨师 chúshī

NERISG --- 歌手 gēshǒu

RECAND --- 舞蹈家 wǔdǎo jiā

TARCO --- 演员 yǎnyuán

The Quiz 

You can now test your memorization by taking the quiz below, where you'll be asked to fill in the blanks with the appropriate Chinese words. Before beginning the test, review the words carefully because only the ones listed above will be recognized.