October 07, 2022

Professions / 직업 : A Word Scramble and a Quiz for Korean Learners


A miner

Two weeks ago, I published a word-matching exercise featuring Korean words 
associated with professions. 

With two new exercises — a word scramble and a quiz — you now have the chance to review those words.

Word scramble

With the help of their Korean equivalents, unscramble the English words.

NERTPTERIER --- 통역사 tong-yeogsa 

CRRYBEAIKL --- 벽돌공 byeogdolgong

CTEEHAR --- 선생 seonsaeng

GAEDRNER --- 정원사 jeong-wonsa

REWITR --- 작가 jagga

IRPTAEN --- 화가 hwaga

EMNIR --- 광부 gwangbu

BARRNIILA --- 사서 saseo 

ERKBA --- 제빵사 jeppangsa

RBAREB --- 이발사 ibalsa

CFEH, OOCK --- 요리사 yolisa

NERISG --- 가수 gasu

RECAND --- 무용수 muyongsu

TARCO --- 배우 baeu

The Quiz 

You can now put your memorization to the test by answering the questions on the quiz that is provided below. 

Review the words thoroughly before starting the test because only those on the above list will be understood. You must use Hangul. The transliteration won't be accepted.