October 31, 2022

What are they DO-ING? : A Crossword Puzzle with Verbs in Present Continuous



You will find below a crossword puzzle and a list of hints with pictures. The squares must be filled in with the proper Present Continous verbs. I hope the exercise isn't too challenging, but if it is, just scroll down to the vocabulary section where you can find help as usual. 


Hints with pictures

Solution below


4. she is reading a book
5. he is doing his homework
7. they are swinging
9. she is tidying up
10. she is hanging out the laundry
13. she is taking a shower
14. he is waking up early
15. he is drinking water
16. she is listening to music
17. he is getting dressed


1. she is brushing her teeth
2. she is making pancakes
3. she is combing her hair
6. he is running
8. she is ironing
11. he is writing a letter
12. they are watching a movie