September 06, 2023

Vehicles : A Matching Puzzle for German Learners

Uncover an engaging vehicle matching puzzle below. Your task is simple: connect the words to their corresponding vehicle images. I believe you'll handle this with ease. If you're looking to explore the same vocabulary in other activities, be sure to explore our blog post featuring a vehicle word search puzzle.


Vehicles : A Matching Puzzle for German Learners


1 Raumschiff
2 Flugzeug
3 Bus
4 Hubschrauber
5 Roller
6 Zug
7 Fahrrad
8 Segelschiff
9 Polizeiwagen
10 Feuerwehrwagen
11 Kajak
12 Personenkraftwagen (Pkw)
13 Motorrad
14 Krankenwagen
15 U-Bahn

 *   *   *

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