January 24, 2024

Winter : A Word Search Puzzle for German Learners

Word search puzzles are a great tool for people who are learning languages, and you will find one below. There are three different directions in which the words are concealed: horizontally, from left to right; vertically, from top to bottom; and diagonally, from top to bottom. If you are interested in solving a matching exercise that pertains to the same vocabulary, you can locate it by clicking on the following link:

Winter : A Matching Puzzle for German Learners


Find the following words in the grid:

Eis, Eislaufen, Eiszapfen, Fäustlinge, Frost
Handschuhe, Kiefer, Mantel, niesen
Schal, Schlitten, schmelzen, Schneemann
Schneesturm, schneien, Ski laufen, Weihnachtsmann

Winter : A Word Search Puzzle for German Learners

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