May 05, 2023

Animals : A Word Scramble Puzzle for Korean Learners

This article contains a collection of 12 animal images, as well as a section with their names. Your task is to match the pictures to their correct names, which may prove difficult due to the jumbled up names. To finish the task, you must first unscramble the words. Although the solution is given at the end of the article, it is advised that you attempt to complete the puzzle without looking.


Pictures of animals

Here are all the syllables you will need to solve this puzzle.

거, 거, 끼, 늑, 다, 대, 라, 랑, 루, 리, 북, 뿔, 사, 소, 숭, 알, 여, 우, 원, 이, 이, 이, 자, 치, 캥, 코, 코, 코, 타, 판, 호



1. 거북이
2. 호랑이
3. 치타
4. 코끼리
5. 원숭이
6. 사자
7. 코알라
8. 늑대
9. 여우
10. 코뿔소
11. 판다
12. 캥거루