May 31, 2023

Sports : A Word Search Puzzle for German Learners

We launched a sports series two weeks ago with a matching game where you had to pair 16 images with their German names. Now, we have a new puzzle for you that uses the same vocabulary. In this word search puzzle, your task is to find the hidden words in the grid. The words can be found in any direction, so it won't be easy to find them all. Completing the first  matching exercise on sports may be a good idea to help remember the spelling and meaning of the words. I hope both exercises prove helpful to you.


Find the following words in the grid:

Baseball, Basketball, Bogenschießen, Boxen
Eiskunstlauf, Fechten, Federball, Fußball
Laufen, Radfahren, Reiten, Ringen
Schwimmen, Skifahren, Tennis, Tischtennis
Volleyball, Wasserball

Sports: A Word Search Puzzle for German Learners


German | English
 Baseball | Baseball 
|Basketball | Basketball 
Bogenschießen | Archery 
Boxen | Boxing
Eiskunstlauf | Figure skating
Fechten | Fencing
Federball | Badminton
Fußball | Soccer/football
Laufen | Running
Radfahren | Cycling
Reiten | Horse riding
Ringen | Wrestling
Schwimmen | Swimming
Skifahren | Skiing
Tennis | Tennis
Tischtennis | Table tennis
Volleyball | Volleyball
Wasserball | Water polo

 *   *   *

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