June 02, 2023

Sports : A Matching Exercise for Korean Learners

Sports are important for many reasons, such as promoting physical fitness, developing teamwork and leadership skills, enhancing mental toughness, and providing opportunities for socialization and enjoyment. They can also serve as a means for personal growth, cultural exchange, and economic development. We will be providing sports-related vocabulary exercises in the upcoming weeks, and we hope they will be useful for conversing with Korean-speaking friends.


Sports vocabulary with text and pictures


14. 권투
11. 농구
7. 달리기
3. 레슬링
10. 배구
8. 배드민턴
12. 수구
15. 수영
13. 스케이트
5. 스키
9. 승마
6. 야구
2. 양궁
16. 자전거타기
18. 축구
17. 탁구
4. 테니스
1. 펜싱