June 24, 2023

Sports : A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

We launched a sports series two weeks ago. The first challenge was a matching game where you had to pair images with their corresponding French names. Now, we have a new puzzle for you to enjoy using the same vocabulary. It's a word search puzzle with hidden words in all directions. We recommend completing the initial matching exercise focused on sports before solving the word search puzzle. We sincerely hope that both exercises will be beneficial to you.


Find the following words in the grid:

badminton, baseball, basket-ball, boxe,
course à pied, cyclisme, équitation, escrime,
football, lutte, natation, patinage, 
ski, tennis, tennis de table,
volley-ball, water-polo

Word Search Puzzle with French Vocabulary


badminton -- badminton
baseball -- baseball
basket-ball -- basketball
boxe -- boxing
course à pied -- running
cyclisme -- cycling
équitation -- horse riding
escrime -- fencing
football -- soccer
lutte -- wrestling
natation -- swimming
patinage -- skating
ski -- skiing
tennis -- tennis
tennis de table -- table tennis
volley-ball -- volleyball
water-polo -- water polo