June 18, 2023

Sports : A Matching Exercise for Hungarian Learners

Sports is, in many respects, an important topic. Sports can contribute not only to personal but also to economic development by creating job opportunities in fields such as coaching, event management, and sports marketing. Sports can also generate revenue for local businesses through tourism and the sale of sports-related merchandise. In spite of its importance, we do not have much sports-related vocabulary on the blog yet. Now this will change because we are planning a series of exercises, all of them about sports. The first in this series can be found below. We hope you will find that the words in it help when talking with your Hungarian-speaking friends.


Sports vocabulary with text and pictures


17. asztalitenisz
6. baseball
3. birkózás
7. futás
2. íjászat
16. kerékpározás
13. korcsolyázás
11. kosárlabda
18. labdarúgás
9. lovaglás
14. ökölvívás
10. röplabda
5. síelés
4. tenisz
8. tollaslabda
15. úszás
1. vívás
12. vízilabda