June 08, 2023

Sports : A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learners

Starting two weeks ago, we launched a sports series on our blog. Our first puzzle was a matching game where you had to link 16 images with their Chinese names. Now, we have a brand new puzzle for you, utilizing the same sports-related vocabulary. Check out our word search puzzle below, and challenge yourself to find all the hidden words in the grid. It's highly recommended that you complete the first matching exercise on sports, too, to gain the most from our exercises. We hope these exercises will help you remember the spelling and meaning of sports-related words.


Find the following words in the grid:

水球, 击剑, 网球, 乒乓球
自行车运动, 羽毛球, 足球
射箭, 拳击, 排球, 骑马
棒球, 滑冰, 滑雪, 游泳
摔角, 赛跑, 篮球

Word Search Puzzle with Chinese Sports Vocabulary


水球 shuǐqiú water polo
击剑 jíjiàn fencing
网球 wǎngqiú tennis
乒乓球 pīngpāng qiú table tennis
自行车运动 zìxíngchē yùndòng cycling
羽毛球 yǔmáoqiú badminton
足球 zúqiú soccer
射箭 shèjiàn archery
拳击 quánjí boxing
排球 páiqiú volleyball
骑马 qímǎ horse riding
棒球 bàngqiú baseball
滑冰 huábīng skating
滑雪 huáxuě skiing
游泳 yóuyǒng swimming
摔角 shuāijiǎo wrestling
赛跑 sàipǎo running
篮球 lánqiú basketball