January 15, 2023

House Objects : A Word Search Puzzle for Hungarian Learners


Below are pictures of different objects and a word search puzzle. The words for the pictures must first be located in the grid before you can match them to the corresponding pictures. The words can be found in the grid in every direction: vertically from top to bottom and from bottom to top; horizontally from left to right and from right to left; and diagonally in every possible direction. Words can cross each other and share letters. I sincerely hope you can figure out this double puzzle. However, if you find it too challenging, you can always scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to find the answers.

Visual Hints for the Word Search Puzzle

Hungarian Word Search Puzzle


1. növények -- plants
2. bögre -- mug
3. csésze -- cup
4. szőnyeg -- rug
5. vízcsap -- faucet
6. szivacs  -sponge
7. tükör -- mirror
8. függöny -- curtain
9. törülköző -- towel
10. párnák -- pillows
11. kanapé -- couch
12. szekrény -- wardrobe