January 19, 2023

Missing Letters in Chinese Words


Fill in the blanks in the words after looking at the illustrations. The length of the underline symbol corresponds to the number of letters that are missing from the words. If you don't think this exercise is that easy, just scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to find the solutions.

Hints for the Missing Letter Exercise


工人 g_ngr_n
椅子 y_z_
星期 x_ngq_
钱 q__n
苹果 p_nggu_
学校 xu_xi_o
高兴 g_ox_ng
医院 y_yu_n
饭馆 f_ng__n
妈妈 m_m_
聊天 li_oti_n
女孩儿 n_h_ir
牛奶 ni_n_i
手机 sh__j_
睡觉 shu_j__o


工人 gōngrén = worker
椅子 yǐzi = chair
星期 xīngqí = week
钱 qián = money
苹果 píngguǒ = apple
学校 xuéxiào = school
高兴 gāoxìng = happy
医院 yīyuàn = hospital
饭馆 fànguǎn = restaurant
妈妈 māmā = mother
聊天 liáotiān = to chat
女孩儿 nǚháir = girl
牛奶 niúnǎi = milk
手机 shǒujī = mobile phone
睡觉 shuìjiào = to sleep