January 03, 2023

Missing letters in Spanish Words


Examine the images, then fill in the blanks to make the words complete. Just a warning: The number of letters missing from the words does not correspond to the length of the underline symbol. Most likely, this exercise will be very simple for you, but if it isn't, just scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to find the solutions.

Pictoral Hints for the Missing Letter Puzzle


1. __rasol
2. abu__ido
3. __tarra
4. ca__o
5. __so
6. pe__o
7. pin__no
8. cora__n
9. a__cate
10. __erve__a
11. can__n
12. Esp__a
13. m__di__o
14. __rafa
15. __rb__l


girasol = sunflower
aburrido = bored
guitarra = guitar
carro = car
queso = cheese
perro = dog
pingüino = penguin
corazón = heart
aguacate = avocado
cerveza = beer
canción = song
España = Spain
médico = doctor
jirafa = giraffe
árbol = tree

* * *
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