February 06, 2023

Daily Routine: Missing Letters in English Sentences

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Below you can find 15 pictures, and 15 English sentences describing people's daily activities. The letters in the words are missing from some places, though. Your task is to write them into the words and then match the sentences with the correct pictures. 

If you find that the exercise is too difficult, scroll down to the end of this blog post, where you will find the solution as usual.


Pictures about the Daily Routine Activities

1. She pu__ on ma___p.

2. She d__s the l__ndr_.

3. Us___ly, she r__ds a b__k.

4. Norm____, she ha_ a ba__ at n__e.

5. She w__es _p __rly.

6. She co__s h__ h__r.

7. She is s___ping the fl__r.

8. S___times he c___s di__er.

9. She br___es her t____.

10. The kid __ts br___f_st.

11. She ___es the b_d.

12. She b__s gro_____s for the w__k.

13. He _rons his ___rt to l__k n__t.

14. They t__e the b__ to go to ___ool.

15. She ____es the d___es.


Solution to the Exercise

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