February 04, 2023

Missing Letters in French Words


Look at the pictures and write the missing letters to complete the words! Just a heads up: The length of the underline symbol does not correlate with the number of letters missing from the words. Most likely, you will find this exercise to be very simple, but if not, simply scroll down to the end of this blog post to find the answers.

Pictoral Hints for the Missing Letters Puzzle


1. march__ tou__ dro__

2. doi__

3. ens__er

4. f__lle

5. gren__lle

6. f__e

7. à hui_ h__res

8. enn__. enn__

9. __tang

10. faut__

11. heur__, heur__

12. ch__ter

13. jou__

14. s__e

15. cad__


1. marchez tout droit : go straight
2. doigt: finger
3. enseigner: to teach
4. feuille: leaf
5. grenouille: frog
6. fille: girl
7. à huit heures: at eight o'clock
8. ennuyé. ennuyée: annoyed
9. étang: pond
10. fauteuil: armchair
11. heureux, heureuse: happy
12. chanter: to sing
13. jouet: toy
14. singe: monkey
15. cadeau: present, gift